Miss Rosie

An Americana/Folk/Bluegrass/Rock band based in Oberlin, OH


Miss Rosie is an Americana-folk group out of Oberlin, OH composed of banjoist and lead vocalist Sam Bailey, fiddler Meghan Mette, guitarist Noah Singer, percussionist Will Bahr, and bassist James Vitz-Wong. The members, having been raised across the United States–Portland (ME), Seattle, State College, Los Angeles, & Boston–bring a variety of influences that encompass the values, movements, and melody of the Millennial Generation. Miss Rosie focuses on the progression of past and present in their performance of both old times tunes and original songs. Having studied with the likes of Bruce Molsky, Casey Driessen, Diana Gannett, Jamey Haddad, Brittany Haas, and Richie Stearns, Miss Rosie has the knowledge and enthusiasm to both recreate and preserve the spirit of folk music in the future.